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May 28, 2024 - Aug 28, 2024

G.L.O.W. Within - A Group Coaching Journey to Mindfulness!

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A Group Coaching Journey to Mindfulness! G.L.O.W. Within: A Group Coaching Journey to Mindfulness is a program designed for women from all walks of life seeking to enhance their mental well-being, cultivate mindfulness, and explore the transformative benefits of meditation. What to Expect: Personal Introduction Session (15 Minutes): Dive into your journey with a tailored introduction session led by your GEM (Glow Empowerment Mentor). Get acquainted with the program, set your intentions, and embark on this transformative experience. Complimentary Guided Meditation: Enjoy a complimentary recorded guided meditation explicitly curated for this journey. Let your G.E.M. guide you through a serene session to promote mindfulness and inner peace. Interactive Group Coaching Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday: Engage in interactive group coaching sessions 2 times a week. Learn and practice mindfulness skills, and share your goals, experiences, and progress with fellow participants. Cultivate a supportive community as you journey towards self-discovery and growth. Get ready to ignite your inner light and embrace the journey ahead! (Payment =$ 25 per session, $40 Per week, or $150 per month)

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